OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN was established in 1963 by goldsmith and fine jewellery designer Ole Lynggaard, who, after having studied and worked in Germany, Paris, New York, San Francisco and Japan, came back to Denmark and bought a small workshop. Karin, his wife, has supported him throughout the development of the family company. In 2008, OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN was appointed Purveyor of the Danish Royal Court.

Charlotte Lynggaard, daughter of Ole, Joined the company in 1992, Soren Lynggaard, son of Ole, has been CEO since 2003, and Michel Normann, Charlotte’s husband, became CCO in 2006. Hanna Lynggaard, Soren’s wife, joined the company’s sales and marketing team in 2008.

The family run house is Scandinavia’s largest fine jewellery brand producing unique handcrafted jewellery in the workshop north of Copenhagen.

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